Newsletter 3rd July 2016


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  • Campina International Exhibition of Photography 2016

Pishobury Park

This week (Tuesday 19:45) we will try outside portraits again, with flash and/or reflectors. There will also be plenty of other things to photograph if portraits are not your thing. We will meet to do this at Pishobury Park, Sawbridgeworth, meeting at the car park off London road, opposite Hand Lane, at 7:45pm. Please bring a flash or too and reflectors if you have them!

Unfortunately I am working so will not be there this week (typical as the weather looks ok this week!)


Hitchin Lavendar – July 13th 18:30

A week and a half away – and this is who I have going on this:

Linda Lamb
Matt Thompson
Frank Smith
Stephanie Stephenson
Claire Norman
Nigel Otter
Sophia Spurgin
Graham Willson
Brian Johnson
Karen Rainbird
Amanda (awaiting confirmation)
Caz Scullard
Cathanne Chalkley (late arrival)
Natalja Skvorcova
Emma Evans
Mark Seton
Paul Manley

If you want to come and your name isn’t listed then please let me know ASAP and I’ll add you – cost of £10 per person. There will be a talk about the Lavender Fields, You can pick some Lavender to take home and, you can photograph the Lavender fields at sunset.

More importantly – if your name is on here and you can’t make it – please let me know ASAP!

Cambridge Photowalk

Coming on Saturday July 23rd – get your name down – meeting at 14:00hrs on the Park and Ride – photographing Cambridge through to Sunset

PAGB eNews

This month’s edition can be viewed online by clicking here.

Campina International Exhibition of Photography 2016

If you’re interested in entering photographic competitions have a look here – for one based in Romania

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