Millenium Reptiles Photo Opportunity


Well that was quite an evening!  In the event Jo brought her show animals round, rather than stock from the shop.  Jo’s beasties have been introduced to public events like this, so were not going to be freaked by a barrage of strobe lights and a mass of people.

This was not their first photographic outing either — Jo told us that the tarantula had provided vital modesty in a competition winning shot when she took them to visit another photo group, for a “girl’s only” session.

We certainly learned a lot about exotic creatures, their fragility, speed  and habits.  We also learned that curare (the Amazonian Nerve toxin) is not actually generated by the frog but rather concentrated from the insects it consumes.

Photographically it is challenging to get good shots.  The subjects were relatively small, so close-up rings, or close focus lenses were the order of the day.  To this add flash, or the problem of very high ISO with truly weird ambient light, randomly distorted by different coloured focus-assist beams from cameras…

In the first period, Jo was handling her pets, and the issues were trying to get off camera lighting, and the relative brightness of her hands relative to the camouflaged animals, which simply had to be toned down in post.  In the second period the animals were posed on a table-top, which was much easier.  Altogether a fascinating evening.

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Tarantula 2




Baby snake

Tree Frog

Baby snake

Tarantula 2


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