Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photowalk

You are invited to join us for

On Saturday October 1st we will be participating in the FREE World Wide Photowalk, This is not a club event but rather one we are supporting and taking part in. This means you have to go online and sign up to take part. All photographers especially non BSCC-members are encouraged to come along.

Once again there are valuable global prizes to be had, and whoever puts the best photo in from our walk will also get a prize. The rules are simple: any image has to be captured on the walk itself, it may be post-processed as you choose, composited etc, but every image used has to be from the walk, during the time of the walk. So if you want to bring a model and make-up artist, that’s fine…

At the other extreme, phone cameras are equally welcome, as is anything that will make an image.

The event is a great chance to meet other local photographers, and find out what interests them. I hope some club members will join in and help.

The route will be down the River Stort Navigation to Twyford Lock, and back for (free) nibbles and chimping at the Rivermill (NB please buy your own drinks), in all about 3 km, with 2 hours set aside for the walk.  Look forward to seeing you!

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