Olympic Torch at the Holly Fair

Olympic Relay Torch

St Michael’s Church on Wind Hill had their Holly Fair on Saturday morning, and a great charity fund-raising opportunity – the loan of a genuine Olympic Flame Relay Torch.  As there are 2 club members from the church, we were delighted to help, and a quick scrounge round loaned lights and backdrops for the effort.

The Holly fair was excellently busy — traditionally it is for distributing Holly wreaths to decorate doors and houses, but has expanded to a charity Christmas market, complete with Santa’s Grotto, and church members serving some very fine Mincemeat pies and Teas to the attendees

It certainly helped to split the jobs, with Emma recording orders, and chosen photos, another member behind the camera, and crucially Brian helping to get the customers posed.  Mostly it was young families making sure they had an Olympic memento for the kids who might not otherwise remember, though one young man’s photo was to celebrate learning to write his own name.  We made

  • 7 10×8 Prints
  • 24 digital portraits
  • which I think means we raised about £75 for the Holly Fair Charities

and we had a lot of fun.

Logistically the Fair ran from 10-12:30 so on-site setup started just before 9am.  We were allowed to raise the backdrop in front of the sanctuary rail, which gave reasonable space for posing.  We had been promissed a large union flag, but that had been mislaid at the last minute, so we had to make do with a smaller one in the corner of the shot.  The aisle back between the choir stalls gave adequate distance back for a more flattering perspective.

If we do this again, we could benefit from a low platform that shorter people could use — the infamous “Apple Boxes”

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