Powerful Low Cost Photo Finishing from @NikSoftware

I’ve been a fan of the iPad App “Snapseed” almost from day 1.  It brings much of Nik Software’s goodness to one’s mobile device, and it’s certainly my app of choice for a quick adjustment when out and about, in many ways it covers a lot of the same ground that Lightroom or Aperture can handle on the Laptop.

SnapSeed on my iPad

It is of course limited — one picture at a time, and some tools one routinely uses (spot healing for instance) are not covered, but it is incredibly good at what it does.

The Mac version is now available from the App Store for £14, and the PC version is on it’s way.  If your software arsenal extends to iPhoto, possibly Photoshop Elements and not much else, this is a good low cost next step, and is definitely a good suggestion to offer friends who don’t have the inclination to learn the more complex editing tools.

Snapseed Web Site.

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