Travel safety with your camera

Covering the brand

One of the bits of advice one reads about all the time is “Don’t flash about your expensive camera” especially in relation to poorer areas of the world, be that the inner city, or Africa.

The advice usually goes on to suggest you change to an unbranded camera strap, and get some black gaffer’s tape to cover over the make and model on your camera, as you may well be facing extremely well informed thieves who steal to order, preferring the newer models.  The advice usually stops there, and certainly removing the banner ribbon which shouts “Nikon D3 to steal”, “Canon 5D Mk3 to grab” is the biggest win — they’re pretty poor straps anyway, and an OpTech or BlackRapid cross body strap will be both more ergonomic and comfortable, and less easy to grab.  but as the saying goes:

When it’s good, it’s good

So you’ve changed the strap, big win!  You’ve covered over the “Can-Nik” in front of the eyepiece of your DSLR, great!  What next…

Masking the Lens-Cap

Some other things to help you keep your gear are:

  • Cover over the model number on the camera body
  • Cover the brand below the LCD on the back of the camera
  • Your lenses are probably equally expensive as the camera, or even more so, cover the brand on the lens cap (the biggest and most visible branding of them all), and possibly on the barrel.  (white barrelled Canon lenses are a give-away anyway, but you can only do so much).
  • Try to avoid blatantly branded camera day bags, Billingham and ThinkTank amongst others have great apparently innocuous bags…
  • When you change your memory card, keep it separate: your equipment is insured, but your time and memories are not
  • Remember, all you’re trying to achieve is to be a less attractive target for theft than someone else.
  • And if things do go wrong, have a list of serial numbers in separate luggage

Have a good, safe holiday!

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