Thoughts from Chairman Emma 2013-06-24

Ema EvansHi Everyone,

So I’m home from Cornwall and feeling a little blue 🙁 despite the rain though we had a great time. As the saying goes; “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing” so with that in mind we donned macs and wellies and still managed to have loads of fun. Anyhoo, back to reality and back to camera club business;

So Tuesday is the midsummer meal. This is an annual event organised by Bill Edwards. It’s at The Bell Inn, Great Bardfield CM7 4SA, £14.50. If you haven’t already let Bill know you are going please email and let him know (Bill is the club Secretary). He has emailed across directions. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it, as most of you know I work on Tuesdays and It will be too much of a rush to get over to you all in time. Have a lovely meal.

So onto Thursday; we have access to Hopley’s show garden in Much Hadham, with the added bonus of the Guruve Sculpture exhibition of lovely works by Zimbabwe artists spread throughout the gardens. Please do come along, 7:30 for 7:45, Andrew has emailed the following ;

“For weather we’re currently expecting very light winds from the south so you may find a plant clamp useful for flower close ups. We’ll have a mini competition for the best garden shot and print a canvas for Hopley’s as a Thank-you. Usual equipment (tripod, cable release). You may also want a flash with an orange gel (1/4 CTO), or a sun-bounce reflector to bring light in round the evening shadows”. See you there.

On Saturday there is a great event happening in town, lots of photographic opportunities, Here’s the link to the Mayor’s page for the police and armed forces day

Finally it’s your last week to get your images in for photo of the month. Check the guidelines on the website.

Have a great week everyone

Emma x

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