Chairman’s Update 12 May 2013

Hi Everyone,Emma Evans

First up thanks to everyone who came along on Tuesday night to the bluebell woods, as always I managed to find out yet another thing about my camera and had a play with bracketing. Even though the light faded rather rapidly I know I will be able to use these techniques another time which I guess is the point of these evenings after all.

So things to tell you all this week;

Firstly, Brian has secured a space in the window of Photosound where we can display some info about the club and display a ‘photo of the month’. To make sure the image is current and to tie in with the summer programme we would like the picture to reflect what we are getting up to over the next few weeks. So get your entries ready and myself and Brian will select the winner, get it printed and display it in the window.

Secondly I am arranging a Saturday outing to London, details to follow but the date is 8th June. We will meet at Stortford station and head into London for a photo walk and perhaps a visit to the V & A to view the history of photography exhibition. Let me know if you fancy it so I can get an idea of numbers.

If anyone came on the weekend away to Hereford and you have some pics you wouldn’t mind sharing can you please use Dropbox (Andrew has put some really clear notes on the website) as I am putting together a slide show for the first night back. (Can be fun snaps or serious pics).

If anyone is interested in giving HDR a go, Bob has found a great little tutorial, which he says is one of the most straightforward and easy to follow that he has come across:
Cheers Bob

Finally don’t forget to use the Twitter, Facebook and Flickr pages for the club, it’s a great way to show each other our work but also to get our name out there and to attract even more new members.

Tuesday night is the second night of the summer programme and we are doing ‘aeroplane light trails’, apparently there is lots of parking this week, check out the website for the details and if you have any questions give Brian a shout.

Have a great week.

Emma x

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