Greetings! — Chairman’s Update 2013-05-26

Hi everyone,Emma Evans

Well this week’s update comes to you live from an extremely sunny Shropshire. Been here all weekend with my husband’s family. He has a twin brother and they have twin sisters and all four of them share the same birthday!!!! So that’s this weekend and it’s always a bit of a knees-up as you can imagine.

Anyhoo, looking forward to seeing you all Tuesday: it’s light painting at Woodside Green. Tips for the shoot include wellie boots – last year I got a mild form of trench foot – for the wet ground and many cow pats. Also it has been suggested that a flask of coffee (or something stronger) would be welcome! Best mention the technical side: you will definitely need tripods and torches, etc.

The deadline for the monthly photo competition has been set as the 31st May, with the winning shot to be displayed in Photosound, so email your entries in to myself or Brian. Photosound has said the more topical the shot, the better (spring bluebells/Father’s Day, etc) and are keen to work with the club as much possible. They’re really looking forward to displaying our work! It’s a great bit of free promotion.

On a related subject, the chaps at Photosound also asked us to remind you to flash your membership card when you go in there and they will do the best they can to give you a good price and the best deal they can.

Don’t forget about the club outing on Saturday 8th June. I will be setting the itinerary this week. The more the merrier, so please do come along.

Finally a little photo op for next weekend: the windmill at Stansted will be open to visitors on Sunday 2nd from 2pm.

Enjoy the bank holiday tomorrow, see you Tuesday.

Emma x

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