Club success at EAF Exhibition

As was mentioned in the Herts and Essex Observer we had 4 photos accepted for the EAF exhibition at the Gibberd Gallery in Harlow 2 DPI and 2 prints.

As I was on the club trip to Hereford on Saturday when the Exhibition opened I sallied forth on Tuesday to see what we had been up against. The selection was certainly well worth a look, as was the general impression of what sort of work is going through at this level.

It was largely a Photoshop Exhibition, with lots of very obvious “Oil Paint” filter (CS6 pixel-bender add-on from Adobe Labs), compositing and Topaz Adjust going in to achieve the final results. There was also much less of the extreme grunge from 2-3 years ago, and of course a celebration of last year’s “Summer of Sport.” As is usual for the EAF there were also plenty of Natural History shots, which are of course not retouched

It will take you slightly more than one hour to go round and also look at the slideshow, so go for the 3 hour £1 parking and take your time.

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