Don’t lose your precious photos

After a member had a rather unfortunate experience with the external hard drive which held their photos, it’s probably worth reminding everyone to make sure to back up all photos in at least 2 places.

I have a working copy on my laptop, and backups on 2 servers, but that is part of my normal way of working with all things IT. For those of you who don’t really do computers, I’ve put an advert/link on the right of the page to download the Backblaze app (Windows or Mac) to keep copies for you “in the cloud”. Once it”s installed you need to create an account …

There is a trial period, then the charge is $5 / month (about £3) which backs up both your computer and any external hard drives on USB or FireWire etc, (but not Network Attached drives) no limits on storage, and there is a way of getting your files back from how they were yesterday…. It takes quite a few weeks for the initial backup of all your data to complete, and if you have an Internet deal with very limited transfer each month this is not for you.

If enough sign up we’ll get a little money back for the club



Update disk received back from repair. 100% of data recovered. The manufactures disk controller area /software had failed.

Very Expensive !! But Member is delighted.

Actions taken by member back up to Backblaze photo drive attached full time to PC and backup raw files and tiffs/psds to second external drive as images are processed…….



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2 comments to Don’t lose your precious photos

  • Matthew Bickham

    Another good tip is simply to keep your photos on you SD cards and buy new ones instead of wiping and reusing. Yes, this method may be a little more expensive but a very easy way to keep a backup without the risk of an external hard drive failure.

    • In as much as it’s a second copy, good idea, however the quality SD cards used in DSLRs are around 10 times the cost of disk storage, and you absolutely have to lock them against accidental erasure by someone who does not know that this is what you are doing.

      Definitely do keep photos on your cards until the files are duplicated onto a second disk, and your return from holiday, and consider using the SD card consortium’s formatting program, rather than formatting in your computer (personally I consider it better practice to delete files rather than reformat, as this forces rotation of the parts of the card that are used)