Glyn Dewis Talk – The Photoshop-ographer, or 50% Photography , 50% Photoshop

On Tuesday 12th November the club was treated to a very special talk by Glyn Dewis who provided a most enjoyable and entertaining insight into his unique style of photography. Glyn specialises in highly creative forms of portraiture using a refreshing combination of skilful photographic technique and Photoshop expertise. Glyn promised us that by the end of the evening, if we followed his special formula, we would all be guaranteed photographic success!

The talk divided into two parts. The first concentrated on the ‘Power of P‘(!) and included discussion on the importance of creating personal photographic projects, ‘treat every project as if you were being paid.’ This can add real focus and help to ensure we are more likely to prepare more thoroughly. He sought inspiration from various sources including movie posters web sites, the iTunes movie trailer site and from imp awards. He gave us some expert tips on how to photograph slightly more apprehensive models such as asking subjects to act something out i.e. be a bouncer at a nightclub for instance! Other great advice included asking subjects to send through photos of the kind of images they wanted of themselves. This also meant they were likely to be much more engaged and enthusiastic on the day of the photo-shoot. He also used Pinterest to share a “mood board” collection with the clients ahead of the shoot.

Part 2 of the talk concentrated on Photoshop and Glyn took us on a journey of the various techniques he used to enhance [retouch] his ‘out of the camera images’ to create his trademark effects. Glyn stated that he began with Photoshop first when he started photography (only 8 years ago!) and therefore he is always thinking about how his final image will be processed in Photoshop prior to and during a photo-shoot. Glyn provided some superb practical tips on creating composite images using many modern and quicker techniques that undoubtedly will save a lot of photographers a great deal of time. Glyn specialises on imaginative lighting techniques and truly brings his imagery to life in a magical / mythical kind of way. With time being saved on not performing the more mundane techniques in Photoshop (i.e. selections) more time could be spent on being creative to imagery.

The talk closed with messages of thanks and appreciation from Emma and Andrew. For many, Glyn will have provided a huge amount of inspiration and a lot of techniques in both photography and Photoshop to go away and try. Glyn’s web site ( provides access to many tutorials, YouTube clips and guidance on topics covered during the talk and too many other techniques to try out.

Don’t forget the discount code for Glyn’s downloadable tutorials for those who came along to the presentation.

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  • Just dropping by to say a HUGE thank you for yesterday evening; thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone.
    Thanks for inviting me to come along.

    All the very best to you,