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Photo of Andrew Macpherson

Andrew Macpherson

On Monday I was honoured to be asked to help the Bishop’s Stortford Tourist Information Centre chose 13 photos for the town’s 2014 calendar.

A calendar photo is a very different image from a club competition shot, edgy does not work as an image to have on the wall all month.

We had over 80 great photos to chose from many different club members, and it took 4 passes of difficult (anonymous) elimination to get to under 20, at which point aligning the months with suitable photos made the final elimination easier.

The actual photos chosen are on general embargo until the calendar is ready to launch, though I have contacted some members to get higher resolution photos, or to suggest edits, the members whose photos will feature are Nigel Otter, Geoff Eldridge, Mathew Bickham, David Woods, Mark Seton and Andrew Macpherson. Well done! And well done! to everyone who entered, will you have a go next time?

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