Sunday update 2013-09-22

Morning Everyone and happy Sunday,

I have a lot to cover in today’s update so apologies if I’m going over information you already know…

The main thing to discuss is the digitally projected image competition, round 1. This will be taking place at club a week on tuesday and entries need to be submitted this week.

You can enter two images into this round. Images are to be emailed to the digital secretary.

The most important thing is to resize and then name your image. Details for this are on the web site. They should be resized to1400x1050. Images received with no title will be entered with the “No Title Given by Member Image 1” etc

The deadline is next Tuesday as per program. But David will accept via email up to Thursday midnight for this round only.

Finally you don’t need to submit your images into a category, they can be of absolutely anything, taken anytime. We do have a beginners section, your work will still be judged but it is done in a constructive way. Just because you are a new member you don’t have to be entered to the beginners so please state in your email whether you would like to be entered in to the beginners or the open category.

Next up, I have been sent a link to forward on to 3 videos that can be viewed by everyone and for a beginner they give a good inside into the process of using `HDR to enhance your pictures. Note to users they do take a short time to load but its worth waiting, also depends on how fast your broadband is.

Finally, Tuesday night. It’s our first workshop night and Bill has lots of practical photography planned, aimed at helping us ‘get to grips with our cameras’, so bring cameras, tripods, flashes and manuals!!

Please do not hesitate to message me if you have any more questions.

Emma x

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