Exhibition Results 2013-2014

Colour prints
Class A Open
Best in ClassSmokeAmanda Barker
Certificate of MeritAncient and Modern.John Atchison
ShoweredKaren Rainbird
Drum HorseFrank Smith
Highly CommendedSensible Shoes.Andrew Macpherson
At Lunch ShanghaiDavid Woods
MagnoliaFiona Fraser Thomson
Candle Girl.John Atchison
Audley End House in Situ.Mark Seton
Class B Portrait
Best in Class
Best Overall
Sri LankanJohn Atchinson
Certificate of MeritOpal Miner
Desmond, a busker.
Class C Record
Best in ClassClub Outing, Holm LaceyAndrew Macpherson
Certificate of MeritEly CathedralDavid Woods
Highly CommendedSt Nicholas Paphos.Jean Platt
Class D Natural history
Best in ClassGrey Heron FishingDavid Cutts
Certificate of MeritRed Deer StagKevin Scott
Highly CommendedAtlantic Puffin with Sand Eels
Best set of 3 Colour Prints by the same AuthorJohn Atchinson
Monochrome Prints
Class A Open
Best in Class
Best Overall
The John Webb WindmillMark Seton
Certificate of MeritDiver court Lighthouse
Gothic.David Cutts
Highly CommendedTongliDavid Woods
Tourists.John Atchison
Six Dollars and a couple of Diam.Karen Rainbird
Class B Portrait
Best in ClassI am who I amDavid Woods
Certificate of MeritFits me nicely.John Atchison
Highly CommendedSri Lankan Boy.
Old Stone Face.David Cutts
Class C Record
Best in ClassWaiting for the StormHelen Hooker
Certificate of MeritSilver WatchDavid Kearley
Highly CommendedOne Careful Owner.Helen Hooker
The rules require Natural History to be in colour
Best set of 3 Monochrome Prints by the same AuthorMark Seton
Projected Digital Images
Class A Open
Best in ClassGunnuhver MoonscapeSam Debbah
Certificate of MeritGraduationDavid Kearley
All Around Doctors PondMark Seton
Tower BridgeFrank Smith
Highly CommendedLancaster
Wrong side of the tracksAndy Thorpe
DreamingBrian Johnson
At the End of the DayGeoff Eldridge
Brandon 11-Mar-2010
Avro Lancaster of RAF Memorial flight ThumperJonathan Saull
Mossy stones on the River Dove
Class B Portrait
Best in ClassOur FamilyAndy Thorpe
Certificate of MeritThe ReaderAndrew Macpherson
Highly CommendedPatrick, Carriage Driver Central ParkEmma Evans
Icelandic FishermanLesley Cutts
Class C Record
Best in ClassRoyal CarriageDiane Le Count
Certificate of MeritYellow DreamAndy Thorpe
Staircase, Anchorage MuseumEmma Evans
Highly CommendedTemple of Trajan, PermagonAndrew Macpherson
Dark side of the moonHelen Hooker
Stepping UpMatthew Bickham
Class D Natural History
Best in ClassBUTTERCUPSNigel Otter
Certificate of MeritGrey Seal PupLesley Cutts
Kingfisher With FishKevin Scott
Highly CommendedPuffin Returning with Sand Eels
FlightHelen Hooker
Red Kite
Best set of 3 images by the same AuthorAndy Thorpe

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