Results from the Battle with Brentwood

On Friday we had our annual inter-club battle with Brentwood, 15 DPI, 15 Prints. The club was represented by:-

Image TitleAuthorScoreB/wood
Ruddy DarterDavid Cutts1818
Eyes DownDiane Le Count1717
 The Scottish Wildcat’s Stare Helen Hooker1818
 The Kelpies Falkirk Linda Lamb1717
 Cherry Blossom Sophia Spurgen2017
 Our Family Andy Thorpe2018
 Wrong side of the Track Andy Thorpe1716
 Hawker Nimrod Mk 2, Duxford David Woods1817
 At the end of the day Geoff Eldrige1617
 Frozen Leslie Cutts1517
 Happy Dog Linda Lamb1718
 Coming Ashore Philip Wingfield1918
 Waiting for God Philip Wingfield1616
 Cynghordy Viaduct Helen Hooker1518
 Tansanian Brewer Fabio Chiti1920
 Projected Digital Images



Image TitleAuthorScoreB/wood
 Waiting for the Storm Helen Hooker1617
 Looking Down David Kearly2014
 Lake Moraine at Sunrise Sophia Spurgen1817
 The John Webb Windmill Mark Seaton1917
 New and Old Frank Smith1817
 Magnolia Fiona Frazer Thompson1918
 Silver Watch David Kearley1618
 Gabriella Andrew Macpherson1716
 Rose Bay Willow Sophia Spurgen1616
 I’ve got my Eye on You Helen Hooker1716
 Derelict Villa David Cutts1618
 Dovercourt Lighthouse Mark Seton1620
 Drum Horse Frank Smith1817
 Nude with Towel Andrew Macpherson2018
 Grey Heron Fishing David Cutts1918
 Grand Total527519
Printed Images

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