Soldiers and Fire

Hi all

This week is ‘soldiers and fire’. After much hunting I think we have found a location that is safe and where we are allowed replica guns at HECCSport, Sawbridgeworth, CM21 0LL.

Due to the hot weather I’m not going to do any ‘fire,’ now, but Steve is going to dress up in full Army gear and hopefully give us some great moody shots with an authentic setting as well.The location is Tharbies Farm, Rook End, High Wych.

Additionally tonight, Frank has asked for the following to be shared:-

“Yep, I’ve done it, I’ve got an 810.
This means that I have a D800E for sale for £1,300.00 inc. VAT.
The camera has 4,800 actuations, boxed as new – nothing missing.”

Call Frank Smith on 07841 369089


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