The Carnival is over (for the year)

My neighbour died recently, and celebrated a good life with a rendition of the (original) Seekers song “The Carnival is Over” in Russian to leave us all at Great Parndon.  Very moving.  The town carnival wasn’t quite so dramatic, but a good cadre of members risked deafness to man our marquee, photograph the procession, and engage interested enquirers.

We certainly had plenty of interest,, gave away over 30 sheets with the summer programme schedule and had about 8 serious new enquiries, who we’re hoping to see soon.

There was all the Razzmatazz one could hope for, and we met some old friends of the club such as Contexture Theatre, and members of other nearby clubs.  Some members were able to make good use of their “Access all Areas” virtual pass to get some great shots of the demonstrations

Thank you for all the help (but we could do with a few more to put up and take down the Marquee next year please — not just the Usual Suspects)


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