Press Association Rules Competition

This is a new competition for projected digital images. The press association is the governing body for press photography and they have become very worried that faked photographs will undermine the credibility of the press. To prevent this they have introduced the rule that nothing may be done to a press photograph that alters the truth of the original scene. Anything that is an artefact of the photographic process may be removed.
Some examples are:

  • black spots from dust on the sensor may be removed
  • coloured fringes may be removed
  • nothing may be cloned out
  • objects may be removed by cropping
  • HDR may be used to open up shadows but not to produce unrealistic effects
  • exposure and contrast may be adjusted in Photoshop

There are some paradoxes, improving a model’s skin in Photoshop would not be allowed but achieving the same effect with make up would be allowed.

There is no requirement that pictures in this competition are news pictures.

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