BSCC Newsletter 7th August 2016

Hi Fellow Photographer

I’m in Blackpool at the moment at a music festival, but by the magic of the interweb we can still get out the weekly Newsletter to you…maybe…possibly…or not…time will tell 😉

So, because I’m not here…we just have a real quick message from Brian about Tuesday’s meet;

This week’s theme is Soldiers and Fire. My friend Steve is coming along to dress up and show off his guns. Because of the obvious problems with guns (even if fake) being out in public view, we have decided that this evening will take place in my garden.

 So, kick off at 7:45 and my address is 20 Falconers Park, Sawbridgeworth, CM21 0AU.

 There will be a little challenge for anyone who wants to be challenged!

Until next week…

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