Digital Projected Images Round 4 and Final Places

The final round of the DPI took place on Tuesday and an unexpected result led to a close finish in the overall results in the Open competition. Round 4 was judged by Ron Tear and congratulations go to John Atchison, Bob Miller and Amanda Baker who all achieved 38/40 in the Open round with Lizzie Honeywood taking the honours in the Beginners round with a total score of 39/40

The Top 5 in the Open Round 4 were:

John Atchison 38
Robert Millar 38
Amanda Barker 38
Andy Thorpe 37
Emma Evans 36


The top 3 in the Beginners Round 4 were:

Lizzie Honeywood 39
Graham Wilson 36
Matt Thompson 35

Final results for the season – Congratulations go to Sophia Spurgin and John Atchison who tied on 146 / 160 who share the Open group title while Matt Thompson in his first season at the club takes the Beginners title.

Open Final Top 5

1st= John Atchison 146
1st= Sophia Spurgin 146
3rd Emma Evans 140
4th Matthew Bickham 139
5th Andy Thorpe 138

Beginners Final Top 5

1st Matt Thompson 140
2nd Graham Wilson 132
3rd Stephen Bishop 128

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