Print Competition Round 3

In the final round of the Print Competition it was all to play for in both the Monochrome and Colour competitions with the Monochrome crown being shared by Helen Hooker and Sophia Spurgin and the Colour crown going to Mark Seton. Matt Thompson took the honours in the Beginners group.

Congratulations to all the winners – the final top 5 placings follow:

Judged by Jane Goodall the top results from Round 3 were as follows:


1stMatthew Bickham36
2ndSophia Spurgin35
3rd=Diane Le Count34
Andy Thorpe
Mark Seton
Helen Hooker


1stAndy Thorpe39
2nd=Mark Seton34
Matthew Bickham
4thAndrew Macpherson33
5th=Diane le Count32
Paul Manley

Final Season Placings for the Print Competitions


1st=Sophia Spurgin106
Helen Hooker
3rdMark Seton105
4thAndy Thorpe101
5thDavid Kearley99


1stMark Seton109
2ndAndy Thorpe108
3rdDiane Le Count101
4th=Sophia Spurgin100
Helen Hooker


1stMatt Thompson99
2ndStephen Bishop89

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