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Images our Club members have kindly allowed us to share. Many of these were entered into Club competitions over the last few years.

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You can see more of my work on my website www.markseton.co.uk.

I am also working towards my ARPS with a project based around Brutalist buidings. The pandemic has stalled this somewhat but I hope to progress this as we come out of lockdown. You can follow my progress at www.thebrutalist.co.uk.

Alan Godfrey

I joined the BSCC in 2019 to find others in the area who had a shared love of photography, but I found so much more. The club is full of kind and welcoming individuals, who are always willing to offer help and support. The images I see from others in the club inspire me to constantly improve, and I have learned so much already.

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Diane Le Count

I joined the club back in 2012 following early retirement. I bought a Panasonic Lumix G3 and attended a short photography course in Sawbridgeworth.

I had always loved taking photos and thanks to meeting Bob Miller on the course, I was invited to join the BSCC Summer Programme. The rest is history! 

Why photography? It’s a creative outlet, usually in the fresh air and there is always something to learn;  there is also something special about BSCC where I can share a passion with likeminded, friendly and supportive people. I’m totally hooked!!

Sophia Spurgin ARPS DPAGB

I’ve always had a camera to take family photos but when my children became teenagers they “asked” me to stop taking their photo. I had to find something else to photograph. I was keen to take flower and macro photos but didn’t know how to. I joined the camera club to learn how to use my camera properly and to get off the auto mode. It’s also been great to meet other photographers. 

Hellie Melhuish

Tony Perryman

I first became interested in photography when I moved to Harlow from East london thirty eight years ago.

I spotted a herd of deer when I was travelling home from work and being a Londoner, this was for me was a first. When I got home I told my wife, it was mid December and she bought me a camera for my Xmas present, my first SLR camera. To be honest, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing so I ended up joining a camera club and was lucky enough to get mentored by one of the members. I have had many cameras and used SLR’s Medium format and eventually DSLR’s.

I much prefer digital photography to using film and love having the ability to view my images instantly. Some people view their photography as a technical exercise but for me I see it as an artistic expression. I never did get a decent shot of a deer though LOL

Bill Edwards

I started doing photography a long time ago by borrowing my father’s Ensign Midget camera.  When I was a teenager I had my first camera.  I continued to take photographs and learnt more about photography.  I even helped to set up a camera club where I worked.  Then I changed my job and moved to this part of the country.  I saw an advertisement for Bishops Stortford Camera Club in the window of Photosound  and decided to give the club a try.     When I got there I found a friendly welcome and people who shared my interest in photography.  Currently I am the club secretary and organise the workshops.

I moved on from the Ensign Midget to a range of 35mm film single lens reflex cameras. Then I started using twin lens reflex cameras  and ultimately a Rolleiflex.  Also I have a large format camera that uses 5”by4” film.   I have processed both colour slide and colour print film and produced colour prints in the darkroom.    Eventually I bought a digital (SLR) and most of my photography became digital. Now I scan my transparencies and I print them digitally alongside my digital files. 

I photograph a whole range of things from landscapes to trains, plants, food, architecture and portraits.  The area where I have had most success in camera club competitions is portraiture and that is the area that has improved in my time in the camera club.

Helen Hooker

I’ve been a photographer most of my life but really got hooked when I bought my first digital camera nearly twenty years ago. Doing a 365 project for a decade helped me figure out which types of photography I love best and today I’m happiest shooting architecture, automotive, pinhole and street photography – quite a mixed bag! You can see more of my photography at www.helenhookerphotography.co.uk 

James Banks

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel widely, and as part of that decided it would be a shame not to take some pictures along the way. An impulse purchase of a DSLR on the way out to Cuba some years ago taught me two things very quickly: a) there is so much to try and capture and b) that I really didn’t have a clue how it all worked!!

You can catch up on one of James’ favourite place on this piece he has written for our local paper.