Halloween Themed POTM for November 2015

Congratulations to Andy Thorpe for his picture “Ghostly Daughter” which is awarded our Picture of the Month

Pumpkin with shadowy young girl behind

Ghostly Daughter


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October 2015 Photo of the Month

The October Picture of the month goes to Matthew Bickham with his photo “St Paul’s Reflections”

St Pauls Reflections

St Pauls Reflections

Be sure to look out for it in the Photosound window when you are in town.

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Second week back – Workshop

Good evening everyone,

This week is our first workshop of the new season.

There are a few things happening so there should be something for everyone.

Firstly, Bill will be running a still life setup with studio lights. Karen has kindly agreed to do a flower display for you to photograph.

Secondly, for those who want to enter the print competition this year, Andrew is going to give a workshop on mount cutting. The club is also getting a bulk lot of mounts if anyone is interested.

Third and fourth. Mark and I will doing a introduction into Masking and Layers, these will be small groups, but don’t worry we will run the same workshops next time until everyone who wants to take part has done.

And finally, there will be help available for anyone who needs help with their camera and its settings. This will be on an ‘ask for help’ basis as there are not many people interested so far, but we are available for those that do.

Just a quick reminder — to be considered for the club’s Picture Of The Month for printing and display in Photosound’s window you should add your photo to the “Bishops Stortford Camera Club” group on Flickr or Facebook during the previous month. Twitter, Google+ or your own blog don’t count. You should claim the print as your own after the next one goes up.

Thanks, see you Tuesday.

Weekly Update

Hi all

This week we are going to go to the Three Houseshoes in Spellbrook for a bite to eat (or just a drink) and a catch up. This is going to take the place of the meal in a few weeks as we may have something very cool we can do on that week. If anyone knows or has any teenagers that would like to dress up in World War 1 gear and potentially have their picture on a poster around B/Stortford, let Emma know.

The winner of Photo of the Month this month is Karen with her fantastic picture taken at Hopleys.


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Summer Season in Swing

Hi all

This Tuesday we are taking long exposure pictures with sparks and fire in Takeley, under the bridge in Gt Canfield Road (map attached) meeting at 7:30. This has always been a favourite of the summer programme so don’t miss out. There is limited parking there so please car share where possible. You will definitely need a tripod and as some of us found out last week, bug repellant may be a good idea.

We have been a bit lapse with the photo of the month this month. The winner this month however is Matthew Bickham’s ‘Pond life‘ from last week.

Well done Matthew, this will be in Photosound’s windows until the end of June.

Lastly, I’ve had a sort out and have a selection of about 40 recent photography magazines going free if anyone wants them. Let me know.

See you on Tuesday


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