Second week back – Workshop

Good evening everyone,

This week is our first workshop of the new season.

There are a few things happening so there should be something for everyone.

Firstly, Bill will be running a still life setup with studio lights. Karen has kindly agreed to do a flower display for you to photograph.

Secondly, for those who want to enter the print competition this year, Andrew is going to give a workshop on mount cutting. The club is also getting a bulk lot of mounts if anyone is interested.

Third and fourth. Mark and I will doing a introduction into Masking and Layers, these will be small groups, but don’t worry we will run the same workshops next time until everyone who wants to take part has done.

And finally, there will be help available for anyone who needs help with their camera and its settings. This will be on an ‘ask for help’ basis as there are not many people interested so far, but we are available for those that do.

Just a quick reminder — to be considered for the club’s Picture Of The Month for printing and display in Photosound’s window you should add your photo to the “Bishops Stortford Camera Club” group on Flickr or Facebook during the previous month. Twitter, Google+ or your own blog don’t count. You should claim the print as your own after the next one goes up.

Thanks, see you Tuesday.

Image Processing/Learning/Sharing Group

It has been agreed that the club sets up an Image processing/Learning/Sharing Group for club members who wish to advance their Digital Image processing skills.

The aims of this group are:

1. Improve the processing skills of individuals in the Digital Dark Room.

2. Learn new skills and methods within Lightroom, Photoshop and other plug-ins.

3. Share skills and knowledge within the club.

The sessions would involve members meeting once a month and will include a how I processed this image/demonstrated to the group as a whole, from a club member.

It is stressed that these meetings  will not be a “Basic how to learn LR5 or Photoshop Evening” some prior knowledge will be assumed – (Layers, Layer Masks, Adjustment Layers etc within Photoshop, and the use of the basic tools in each proposed package) but all members who wish to gain an insight into the digital darkroom are more than welcome to attend.

Light Room 5 and Photoshop CC/CS6 will be used as the core packages by this group. Photoshop Elements users should be able to achieve the same results.

The group will also use some popular plugins, (Topaz Labs, Nik/Google, Onone, Lightroom presets and Photomatix etc) so new members can gain an understanding of them before they purchase.

There would a nominal cost based upon the use of a village hall out with Bishops Stortford.

The proposed venue is Ugley Village Hall and meetings are proposed to be held on the  second Monday of each month, (7:30 – 9:30), with the cost of the hall hire being shared between those attending.

The estimated cost for 10 members attending is approximately  £1.50 each based on two hours hall hire.

The program is currently being prepared for the coming 12 months and will be included in the Web Program Page. It is hoped that handouts will also be available to cover each evening and be available from the club web site Workshop page following the workshop.

If you are interested in the above please contact David Woods or Sandy Osborn




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Program for 2014-5

The program for next year is coming together now and it would be really helpful if you could let me know what you want to see in there.

I am trying to cover all interests but unless you let me know what you would like to see included I won’t know and it will be missed. So it is up to you. Give me your wish lists, especially items we should cover in the workshops, and I will add as much as possible.

You know what you need to do to get the program you would like, if you don’t tell me, I won’t know to put it in….

You have until December 2nd to get full Photoshop and Lightroom for £9/month

Adobe have just announced a very limited time deal, allowing anyone access to the special rates that were reserved for their existing Photoshop customers. This offer expires at the beginning of Decembe

  • Full Photoshop CC program to download and run on your computer, including the 3D and scientific extensions (count and measure things in your image)
  • Lightroom 5, which has nearly everything a photographer needs
  • 20Gb of cloud storage to share between your devices
  • Adobe Behance, yet another portfolio site, this one aimed at showing off your creative skills/retouching etc
  • All these kept up to date by your subscription (and you only have to be on line for a short time each month to check your licence)

If you think you’re going to use Photoshop this is an incredibly good deal. Even I f you are only ever going to use a little photoshop it is probably a better deal than to stick with and update Lightroom and Photoshop Elements each time a new release comes out

Here is the link, do it before December 2nd

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Glyn Dewis Talk – The Photoshop-ographer, or 50% Photography , 50% Photoshop

On Tuesday 12th November the club was treated to a very special talk by Glyn Dewis who provided a most enjoyable and entertaining insight into his unique style of photography. Glyn specialises in highly creative forms of portraiture using a refreshing combination of skilful photographic technique and Photoshop expertise. Glyn promised us that by the end of the evening, if we followed his special formula, we would all be guaranteed photographic success!  » Continue reading Glyn Dewis Talk – The Photoshop-ographer, or 50% Photography , 50% Photoshop

Q&A Tripod shake in the wind

Question from Stephanie:
“Hi everyone, I went to photograph the Shard last Friday and from my elevated position, the wind was causing the tripod to shake quite a bit. Many more photos than I’d normally expect were showing signs of blurring. Any advice would be welcome!”

Stephanie observed that her tripod was shaking in the wind. There are at least 2 causes for this problem. The simple version is to observe that this implies that the tripod and camera combination were too light for the conditions. It might also have been a sign that the tripod was too flimsy, or had too much slack in the joints, but I’ll assume thatt Stephanie has done the basic maintenance.

The simplest trick, if possible, is to use the tripod lower. Less distance to shake, and always extend the thicker parts of the legs in preference to the thin parts, Do not extend the centre column at all (that’s the wobbliest part).

Tripod with hook to hang a stabilising weight

3LT Tripod with hook to hang a stabilising weight

If that does not work, then many tripods have a hook underneath, at the bottom of the centre shaft for instance, and the idea here is to hang something heavy, like a camera bag from the hook to anchor the tripod better. If there is no hook, one gets an accessory sling bag that hangs between all three legs of the tripod (eg 3-Legged-Thing tripods that we advertise on the club site sell just such an accessory) that again one can load up with some extra weight to improve the stability.

Tripod with 3LT ballast tray

Kood Tripod using 3LT ballast tray

If that also fails, then look for a different shorter support, as I’ve not been up the Shard (yet) I don’t know if these suggestions apply up there. The simplest is a bean bag to lean your camera on. the trixiest is the Magic Arm with clamp – Multi position camera holder which also gets round many venue’s “No Tripods” rules Reported by locals as being particularly useful when visiting New York, where this rule is pervasive. The Magic Arm suggestion came from “RC” Conception of NAPP on the D-Town TV video Podcast

The Magic Arm allows you to clamp your camera to railings or similar, the assumption being that the building itself will move very slowly relative to your shutter speed.

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Alternatives to Photoshop

Scott Bourne host of the website and Podcast (well worth a listen) has put together a list of photo editing software that is in many cases cheaper than Photoshop.

Members may find it a useful resource when deciding what to look at for their editing needs

Get to know your Camera Workshops

Ex member Andy Bishop is continuing his successful training sessions in his Get to Know your Camera series at The Tudor House in Sawbridgeworth.

Part 2 Understanding Aperture is on Saturday 27th April
Part 3 Understanding Shutter Speed is on Saturday 11th May

The courses run twice each day, each course will be 2 hours, with starts at 10:30am and 2pm

Both sets of morning courses are already sold out

For both courses you will need a camera which allows you to go beyond automatic program mode

Follow the link to The Tudor House or phone 01279 600112 (£30)