Colour Print Competition 2022-23 Results

Scores listed for top 5 members per round, and top 5 members overall.

Individual scores not listed can be found on the PhotoEntry system

Final Scores:

1Colin Brister114
2Tony Perryman113
3Diane Le Count107
4Matthew Bickham101
4Sophia Spurgin101

Round 3 Scores:

1Tony Perryman38
2Helen Hooker37
3David Boswell36
4Colin Brister36
4Sophia Spurgin36

Round 2 Scores:

1Tony Perryman40
2Mike Wilson39
3Colin Brister37
4Diane Le Count34
4Paul Weaver34

Round 1 Scores:

1Colin Brister39
2Diane Le Count38
2Michael Fitch38
3Sophia Spurgin36
3Tony Perryman36