Monochrome Prints Competition 2021-22 Results

Scores listed for top 5 members per round, and top 5 members overall.

If you are not listed and would like to know your scores please contact Paul Weaver or Mark Seton


Final after Round 3
Author Score
1st Diane Le Count 112
2nd Matthew Bickham 110
3rd Sophia Spurgin 109
4th Mark Seton 108
5th Carol green 106
Round 3
Author Score
1st Mark Seton 40
2nd Diane Le Count 38
3rd Matthew Bickham 37
3rd Helen Hooker 37
4th Neil Adkins 36
4th Sophia Spurgin 36
Round 2
Author Score
1st Matthew Bickham 38
1st Diane Le Count 38
2nd Sophia Spurgin 35
2nd Carol Green 35
3rd Neil Adkins 34
Round 1 Author Score
1st Sophia Spurgin 38
2nd Carol Green 37
3rd Diane Le Count 36
4th Matthew Bickham 35
4th Mark Seton 35