The Colour Print competition is a continuous competition that takes place over several rounds throughout each season.

Members can enter a maximum of 6 images across 3 rounds (maximum 2 per round).

Full detailed rules for this competition can be found here.

Preparing Prints

Images entered in Print competitions are mounted on to board.

The maximum (and preferred) board size is 500mm x 400mm.

A video guide to mounting images is available here.

If you have questions or wish to borrow the club’s mount cutter, please contact Janet Hosford (Competition Secretary).

Here is a document that provides guidance on how to prepare your prints for entry into the competition.

Please note that you will also need to provide a digital version of your images via the PhotoEntry system.

Submitting Images

Here is a video explaining how to enter this competition along with details of how to load your entries onto the PhotoEntry system. 

Please note – this video does not include details of the meta data that needs to be added to your file – this is what you need to do:

  • Open up the folder on your computer that contains the image file.
  • PC users: Right-click on the image, and select Properties. 
  • Mac users: Control-click, and select “Get Info” (or press command + i on your keyboard).
  • In the window that appears, you can add the Title to the title box and your name in the Author box
Adding Meta Data to your file