We had an emergancy Judge on the night, so an extra thank-you to Naomi Saul, for helping out at short notice

The tradition of home wins continues, with the final scoreline of 522:513 to Bishop’s Stortford

Congratulations to everyone whose work represented the club, Below are detailed scores for the Bishop’s Stortford entries

Scores for BSCC PDI
Image Member Score
Rapt Attention Andrew Macpherson 18
Contemplation Maldon Church Sam Debbah 13
The Locoman Geoff Eldridge 18
La Mata Sunrise Diane Le Count 17
Early Morning Mist Helen Hooker 19
Lost David Woods 15
Fulmar Kevin Scott 20
Gateway to Eiffel Tower Mathew Bickham 15
British Summer Brian Johnson 18
Nintey Nine Andy Thorpe 16
Five hungry mouths & a grumpy sibling Jonathan Saul 15
Staircase Anchorage Museum Emma Evans 19
Heading Home Nigel Otter 17
Shag Kevin Scott 20
Charlie Cathanne Lees 14
Bishop’s Stortford Total 254
Brentwood Total 260
Scores for BSCC prints
Print Member <Score
Reflections at Horse Guards David Woods 17
Heron Fishing David Cutts 17
London View Amanda Barker 19
Smiler David Kearley 14
The Colour Purple Karen Rainbird 19
Sensible Shoes Andrew Macpherson 17
Time Waits for no Man Mark Seton 19
Opal Miner John Atchison 20
Smoke Amanda Barker 20
Sand Diver, Synodus Intermedios Ian Powell 16
Captive Light Karen Rainbird 18
Coolie John Atchison 19
Dominant Red Deer Hart, with Hinds Kevin Scott 18
I am who I am David Woods 15
Alter & Suspended Crownn, Hereford Cathedral Andrew Macpherson 20
Bishop’s Stortford Total 268
Brentwood Total 253