Results from our recent battle with Brentwood on 18th Nov 2016.

Judged by Vic Hainsworth at Brentwood.

…I’m not trying to make excuses here, but the projector was very dark and all images suffered with a loss of shadow detail.


Selected BSCC Prints

1African Children16
2Oh, what a night19
3Monument Moment18
4San Giorgio Church, Venice lagoon17
5Old Liverpool18
7Senate House Passage18
8Starlings at the Tower17
9Cambodian Children18
10Serenity of Buttermere17
11Barrie’s Close, Edinburgh20
12Scottish Wildcat, Felis Silvestris20
13A Brutalist Corridor20
14Little White Bonnets (Mycena Arcangeliana)17

Selected BSCC PDI Images

1Princess  – Andy Thorpe16
2Stag at First Light  – Sophia Spurgin17
3Evening Tide  – Andy Thorpe15
4Game On  – Linda Lamb16
5City Storm after Brexit  – Paul Manley17
6Ring Master  – Brian Johnson16
7Hunting in the Serengeti – Fabio Chiti18
8Rosie and Mum  – Emma Evans18
9Daisies  – Matt Thompson19
10Coming into Land  – Helen Hooker20
11Our Path Crossed Once  – Mark Seton15
12Into the Sun  – Mark Seton17
13William  – Emma Evans16
14Deep in Thought  – Hellen Hooker11
15Winters Walk on Hunstanton Beach  – Sophia Spurgin



And the final totals were



Congratulations to Brentwood!