We entered the 2 stage EAF Inter-Club PDI competition.  As with the print competition, this too has 15 images in round one, which were judged, and a further 10 images for round two, but we didn’t make the cut so these were not considered.  Scores out of 15, each judge has a maximum of 5 points to award.

The club was represented with the following images:

Author Image Score
Bill Edwards Exhilaration 9
Self Portrait 10
Geoff Eldridge Together 11
Emma Evans Jim and his cuppa 11
Brian Johnson Baby’s Eye 8
Worst job on the road 10
John Hosford CPAGB Symphony in Colour 9
Andrew Macpherson He stoppeth one of three 9
Nigel Otter Magnolia 9
Minus Ten 11
Kevin Scott Lioness and cub 12
Superbe Starling 11
David Woods Low Tide at Crail 9
Millenium Bridge 9