EAF Inter-Club PDI Results 2012

We entered the 2 stage EAF Inter-Club PDI competition.  As with the print competition, this too has 15 images in round one, which were judged, and a further 10 images for round two, but we didn’t make the cut so these were not considered.  Scores out of 15, each judge has a maximum of 5 points to award.

The club was represented with the following images:

Bill EdwardsExhilaration9
Self Portrait10
Geoff EldridgeTogether11
Emma EvansJim and his cuppa11
Brian JohnsonBaby’s Eye8
Worst job on the road10
John Hosford CPAGBSymphony in Colour9
Andrew MacphersonHe stoppeth one of three9
Nigel OtterMagnolia9
Minus Ten11
Kevin ScottLioness and cub12
Superbe Starling11
David WoodsLow Tide at Crail9
Millenium Bridge9