The Club was formed in 1947 with six Founder members, one of whom was the late Frank Greygoose.

The first few meetings were held in Alan Little’s photographic studio in town. Shortly after the Club started, an advertisement was placed in the local paper, inviting all those interested in photography to join. The membership grew immediately and it was soon realised that the studio was too small and a new location was found – the United Reformed Church Hall in Water Lane. After moving between several locations throughout the Club’s history, we moved to our current venue, at Hockerill Sports and Social Club, for the start of the 2007 season.

Over the years membership has varied from as few as 6 members at founding to between 70 and 80 members at one time. In the mid-sixties numbers dwindled to fewer than ten members, but fortunately we now have an average of 35-40 members in any one season, with plenty of potential for future growth!

George Dann APAGB

It could be said that since 1947, Bishop’s Stortford Camera Club has moved steadily forward in the field of photography. The new medium of Digital Photography has been thoroughly embraced by the Club and its members.

Steps are being taken to encourage new members with an interest in this type of photography to join the Club and to improve their expertise.

At a recent committee meeting, several important ventures were decided upon to further the Club’s image and a successful season is envisaged.

This extract is taken from George Dan’s, Bishops Stortford Camera Club: A Snapshot History – 1947-2007, with gratitude. A full copy can be purchased at club meetings for £1.50