Member Talks

Periodically our own members give talks on photographic subjects that interest them including discussions about famous photographers, specialist techniques and why and how they shot images that have done well in Competitions.

Here’s a selection of those talks:

In this member’s evening we had 4 excellent members Travel Photography talks from Liz Happer, James Banks, Nick Ambrose and Matthew Bickham

In this member’s evening Matthew Bickham talks to us about Flickr Allan Godfrey talks to us about Instagram then, Carol Green and Rick Stevens will tell us about ‘Who I Follow on Social Media’

In this members evening Peter tells us about his 365 project in a talk entitled ‘A Year with my Camera, A Year with my Camera’, Helen takes us on the slow boat to Pinhole Photography and Bill chats to us about Fill In Flash photography.

In this members evening various members desccribe how and why they took some of the top images from the 2020-21 season. 

Here Matthew Bickham LRPS shows how he edited a couple of his own images and then added textures to them.

Bill Edwards provided the club with a talk on one of his favourite photographers, Robert Capa

Mark Seton LRPS CPAGB gives a talk on two of his favourite photographers, John Bulmer and Peter Mitchell

Stephanie Stephenson gives the club a talk about photographing polorised forks. 

Hellie Melhuish takes us on a trip to the London Fashin Week and discusses her photography and techniques for capturing amazing portraits

A series of talks starting with how to use Instagram (and introducing the new BSCC instagram feed) by Alan Godfrey. 
At 25:21 we have Claire Norman discussing here “Wild Bear in the Mist” image.
At 30:30 Andy Holloway fiscussed his image “In a New York Minute”
At 37:13 Lauren Snith provides details (via Di Le Count) of her image “Storm Ciara”
At 40:16 Mark Seton LRPS CPAGB discusses his image “The Charles Thackrah Building”
At 1:00:47 Diane Le Count tells us about her image “Sharing The Moment”
At 1:06:18 we have Tony Perryman’s “Cosmos”

Workshop Night – 16/03/21

Featuring Sophia and her layers at 00:07:56 Bill and his large format camera at 00:42:20 and Mark and his tips & tricks for refining your competition entries at 01:18:00