Press Association Rules Competition

This is a new competition for projected digital images. The press association is the governing body for press photography and they have become very worried that faked photographs will undermine the credibility of the press. To prevent this they have introduced the rule that nothing may be done to a press photograph that alters the truth of the original scene. Anything that is an artefact of the photographic process may be removed.
Some examples are:

  • black spots from dust on the sensor may be removed
  • coloured fringes may be removed
  • nothing may be cloned out
  • objects may be removed by cropping
  • HDR may be used to open up shadows but not to produce unrealistic effects
  • exposure and contrast may be adjusted in Photoshop

There are some paradoxes, improving a model’s skin in Photoshop would not be allowed but achieving the same effect with make up would be allowed.

There is no requirement that pictures in this competition are news pictures.

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PDI 2014/2015 Results

Following the last round of this season’s PDI competition last week we have the final results:

Open Competition

Photographer Score Round 1 Score Round 2 Score Round 3 Score Round 4 Total
1 Sophia Spurgin 37 35 35 37 144
2 Helen Hooker 36 37 35 33 141
3 Jonathan Saull 36 35 35 34 140
4 Fabio Chiti 32 37 37 31 137
5 Frank Smith 35 37 33 31 136

Beginners Competition

Photographer Score Round 1 Score Round 2 Score Round 3 Score Round 4 Total
1 Linda Lamb 36 40 39 31 146
2 Paul Manley 30 38 33 37 138
3 Graham Wilson 31 36 36 33 136
4 Sandy Osborn 33 33 35 32 133
5 Karen Rainbird 30 33 33 36 132

Congratulations to Sophia and Linda for deserved wins in each category. Well done to everyone who took part – the overall standard in both competitions was excellent again.

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Moulsham Shield Selections

Here are the images selected for the Moulsham Shield completion which takes place Monday 9th March at 7.45 for 8.00pm at St Lukes Church Hall, Gloucester Avenue, Chelmsford, CM2 9LG.

Member Image
Andy Thorpe Our Family
Amanda Barker London Tourists
Emma Evans Staircase, Anchorage Museum
Jonathan Saull Lancaster – Going Home
Linda Lamb Happy Dog
Fabio-Chiti Tanzanian-Brewer
Dave Cutts Ruddy Darter
David Woods Frost

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Results from Cambridge

We have been sent the official results:

Cambridge Results

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Results from the Battle with Brentwood

On Friday we had our annual inter-club battle with Brentwood, 15 DPI, 15 Prints. The club was represented by:-

Image Title Author Score B/wood
Ruddy Darter David Cutts 18 18
Eyes Down Diane Le Count 17 17
 The Scottish Wildcat’s Stare  Helen Hooker 18 18
 The Kelpies Falkirk  Linda Lamb 17 17
 Cherry Blossom  Sophia Spurgen 20 17
 Our Family  Andy Thorpe 20 18
 Wrong side of the Track  Andy Thorpe 17 16
 Hawker Nimrod Mk 2, Duxford  David Woods 18 17
 At the end of the day  Geoff Eldrige 16 17
 Frozen  Leslie Cutts 15 17
 Happy Dog  Linda Lamb 17 18
 Coming Ashore  Philip Wingfield 19 18
 Waiting for God  Philip Wingfield 16 16
 Cynghordy Viaduct  Helen Hooker 15 18
 Tansanian Brewer  Fabio Chiti 19 20
 total 262 262
 Projected Digital Images



Image Title Author Score B/wood
 Waiting for the Storm  Helen Hooker 16 17
 Looking Down  David Kearly 20 14
 Lake Moraine at Sunrise  Sophia Spurgen 18 17
 The John Webb Windmill  Mark Seaton 19 17
 New and Old  Frank Smith 18 17
 Magnolia  Fiona Frazer Thompson 19 18
 Silver Watch  David Kearley 16 18
 Gabriella  Andrew Macpherson 17 16
 Rose Bay Willow  Sophia Spurgen 16 16
 I’ve got my Eye on You  Helen Hooker 17 16
 Derelict Villa  David Cutts 16 18
 Dovercourt Lighthouse  Mark Seton 16 20
 Drum Horse  Frank Smith 18 17
 Nude with Towel  Andrew Macpherson 20 18
 Grey Heron Fishing  David Cutts 19 18
 total 265 257
 Grand Total 527 519
Printed Images

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Peter Chasney Trophy Results

This is a quick and easy competition judged by the members. It is for 5 small photos on a theme of the author’s choice, mounted on a standard 40x50cm competition mount board. The original intention was for 5 standard enprints to be shown.

Members judge the photographs with 3 marks to be given to each under “Unity of Theme” “Presentation” and “Technical” each member also has 1 mark to allocate to their favourite.

The entries are unnamed — each is displayed with simply an identifying letter, and it is sometimes surprising when the entrant is revealed.

Peter Chasney Theme Trophy
Position Author Score
1st Sophia Spurgen 223
2nd Fiona Fraser-Thomson 212
3rd Leslie Cutts 211
=4th David Woods 195
=4th David Cutts 195

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Exhibition Results 2013-2014

Colour prints
Class A Open
Award Title Author
Best in Class Smoke Amanda Barker
Certificate of Merit Ancient and Modern. John Atchison
Showered Karen Rainbird
Drum Horse Frank Smith
Highly Commended Sensible Shoes. Andrew Macpherson
At Lunch Shanghai David Woods
Magnolia Fiona Fraser Thomson
Candle Girl. John Atchison
Audley End House in Situ. Mark Seton
Class B Portrait
Award Title Author
Best in Class
Best Overall
Sri Lankan John Atchinson
Certificate of Merit Opal Miner
Desmond, a busker.
Class C Record
Award Title Author
Best in Class Club Outing, Holm Lacey Andrew Macpherson
Certificate of Merit Ely Cathedral David Woods
Highly Commended St Nicholas Paphos. Jean Platt
Class D Natural history
Award Title Author
Best in Class Grey Heron Fishing David Cutts
Certificate of Merit Red Deer Stag Kevin Scott
Highly Commended Atlantic Puffin with Sand Eels
Best set of 3 Colour Prints by the same Author John Atchinson
Monochrome Prints
Class A Open
Award Title Author
Best in Class
Best Overall
The John Webb Windmill Mark Seton
Certificate of Merit Diver court Lighthouse
Gothic. David Cutts
Highly Commended Tongli David Woods
Tourists. John Atchison
Six Dollars and a couple of Diam. Karen Rainbird
Class B Portrait
Award Title Author
Best in Class I am who I am David Woods
Certificate of Merit Fits me nicely. John Atchison
Highly Commended Sri Lankan Boy.
Old Stone Face. David Cutts
Class C Record
Award Title Author
Best in Class Waiting for the Storm Helen Hooker
Certificate of Merit Silver Watch David Kearley
Highly Commended One Careful Owner. Helen Hooker
The rules require Natural History to be in colour
Best set of 3 Monochrome Prints by the same Author Mark Seton
Projected Digital Images
Class A Open
Award Title Author
Best in Class Gunnuhver Moonscape Sam Debbah
Certificate of Merit Graduation David Kearley
All Around Doctors Pond Mark Seton
Tower Bridge Frank Smith
Highly Commended Lancaster
Wrong side of the tracks Andy Thorpe
Dreaming Brian Johnson
At the End of the Day Geoff Eldridge
Brandon 11-Mar-2010
Avro Lancaster of RAF Memorial flight Thumper Jonathan Saull
Mossy stones on the River Dove
Class B Portrait
Award Title Author
Best in Class Our Family Andy Thorpe
Certificate of Merit The Reader Andrew Macpherson
Highly Commended Patrick, Carriage Driver Central Park Emma Evans
Icelandic Fisherman Lesley Cutts
Class C Record
Award Title Author
Best in Class Royal Carriage Diane Le Count
Certificate of Merit Yellow Dream Andy Thorpe
Staircase, Anchorage Museum Emma Evans
Highly Commended Temple of Trajan, Permagon Andrew Macpherson
Dark side of the moon Helen Hooker
Stepping Up Matthew Bickham
Class D Natural History
Award Title Author
Best in Class BUTTERCUPS Nigel Otter
Certificate of Merit Grey Seal Pup Lesley Cutts
Kingfisher With Fish Kevin Scott
Highly Commended Puffin Returning with Sand Eels
Flight Helen Hooker
Red Kite
Best set of 3 images by the same Author Andy Thorpe

Sunday Update 14-03-09

Hi All,

Hope you are all well and enjoyed the glorious day we have had today, felt Iike the sun would never arrive but it did indeed today. :@)

So not too much to tell you this week, the most important thing is this week at club. It’s the exhibition hand in night. For those of you who are still in the dark about this; In a nutshell, the exhibition is the end of year competition. You can enter the images you have submitted this season or use it as a teaser of next years Images. please use the club website to check out the rules/ask questions on the Facebook page or please give myself a ring. There are plenty of lovely shiny trophies up for grabs.

Next up this Saturday is the fundraising quiz night. If you could bring payment on Tuesday it would help me a lot as I can a) pay for the hire of hall, bar staff, food etc b) I won’t have to have too much cash on me on Saturday night. We need raffle prizes for the evening too, so if you have a prize -even if you are not coming on Saturday- please bring it on the night or hand it to me Tuesday.

I have chased up the sweatshirts order which shoud have arrived this week and they have assured me they will be posted out to me this week.

Even though the season is flying past there are still plenty of good evenings coming up in the programme. And still competitions to enter.

Hope to see lots of you there on Tuesday handing in your exhibition entries.

Emma x

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EAF Inter-Club Print Competition

The EAF inter-club print competition was Sunday 9th March and we thought the club was putting forward a strong entry this year:

EAF Provisional Print Entries
Member Print Title Score
Andrew Macpherson The Assignation 8
Brollies — All Bar One 9
Sensible Shoes 9
Running Repairs n/a
Brotherhood of the Outcast n/a
Mark Seton Soft Seas 12
Holding it up 10
Time waits for no man n/a
Fiona Fraser-Tompson Yellow Gladiolus Watercolour 9
iA Study in Green 10
Avon Reeds 9
Amanda Barker Smoke 9
London View n/a
Kevin Scott Adult Gannet aggression towards Immature 9
Fulmar n/a
Helmeted Guinea Fowl n/a
Tony Watts Contemporary Form Line and Tone 12
More than just Bronze n/a
Who’d be a horse n/a
Sophia Spurgin Point of Ballance n/a
Fizzy Fruit n/a
David Woods Pulpit, Ely 11
David Cutts Copse 10
Helen Rainbird The Colour Purple 10
Frank Smith Drum Horse 10

n/a means the print was held for the decider round which we did not reach

Overall we came 20/24 participating clubs

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Emma again

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well. Been a busy weekend of photography for me and for those who came along to Studio Club. We had a great day, complete with suits of armour and a desperate housewives styled shoot! We look forward to sharing some images with you soon. Make sure you note your interest if you would like to come along to the next one.

First up a request from Sandy;

The program for next year is coming together now and it would be really helpful if you could let me know what you want to see in there. I am trying to cover all interests but unless you tell me what you would like to see included I won’t know and it will be missed. So it is up to you. Give me your wish lists, especially items we should cover in the workshops, and I will add as much as possible.

Another reminder of that date for your diaries: Saturday 15th March will be the annual BSCC fundraising quiz night. Its always a fun evening and raises much needed funds for the club. Its only £8.50 per ticket and includes a ploughman’s supper. At this stage I need to know how many people you have in your team.

Next up: we have been contacted by St Clare Hospice, who are putting together a 2015 calendar for their 25th anniversary next year. They are looking for 13 striking seasonal images to feature in the calendar on the theme ‘Hidden Treasures’.

What they would like is beautiful images of local landmarks/artwork/landscapes/places of interest within the catchment area served by the Hospice. Their patients come from across Harlow, Sawbridgeworth, Bishop’s Stortford, Saffron Walden, Stansted, Dunmow, Newport, Epping, Loughton, Ongar, Buckhurst Hill and all the little villages & hamlets.

They have put this out to all local photography clubs, so it would be great if stortford could be represented. They need pictures to cover all four seasons. Members can submit contributions directly by email (eleanor.scotchbrook (at) please include your own contact details. Due to production deadlines, submissions must be sent by Friday, February 21 so people must be quick!

Finally, I’m pleased to announce this weeks photo of the month; Mark Seton, Dovercourt Lighthouse. To be in with a chance simply upload your images each month to the BSCC Flickr page.

Please bring along monies on Tuesday if you owe me for anything (quiz tickets/fleeces/weekend away) Sam is giving us a talk with slides, entitled ‘Iceland adventure’. See you all there.

Emma xx

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