Bank Holiday Week

Hi all

I’m on holiday this week, so Mark is going to lead the evening tomorrow. The plan is a walk around Hatfield Forest, meeting at the first car park at 7:30pm. If it’s raining then we will meet in the Green Man pub in Takeley and then if it dries up we can still get out to the forest. Have fun!


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The Carnival is over (for the year)

My neighbour died recently, and celebrated a good life with a rendition of the (original) Seekers song “The Carnival is Over” in Russian to leave us all at Great Parndon.  Very moving.  The town carnival wasn’t quite so dramatic, but a good cadre of members risked deafness to man our marquee, photograph the procession, and engage interested enquirers.

We certainly had plenty of interest,, gave away over 30 sheets with the summer programme schedule and had about 8 serious new enquiries, who we’re hoping to see soon.

There was all the Razzmatazz one could hope for, and we met some old friends of the club such as Contexture Theatre, and members of other nearby clubs.  Some members were able to make good use of their “Access all Areas” virtual pass to get some great shots of the demonstrations

Thank you for all the help (but we could do with a few more to put up and take down the Marquee next year please — not just the Usual Suspects)


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Back by Popular Demand

Hi everyone,

So first up, apologies for missing last week’s update, but hopefully I will make it up to you now…

I can’t go much further without saying how great the first competition was. I was genuinely blown away by the standard of pictures in both the Beginners and Open categories. It has set us up for what looks to be a fantastic season of competitions.

Right, onto the notices:

  1. It has been confirmed that the weekend away will be to the Isle of Wight. We will be going Friday 23rd May to Monday 26th May. Partners are invited and it’s always a really fun weekend. Pease put it in your diary.
  2. Over the past couple of seasons I have co-ordinated fundraising for the club. We have collectively managed to raise the cash for a new projector and now we need a new screen. Therefore, if anyone has any ideas on how we can raise some cash for club funds please let me know
  3. It is the hand in deadline for Print competition round one on Tuesday. Janet has said that she will accept entries on the night, as long as she has the titles in advance so she can draw up the score sheets. Therefore, if any new members are interested in entering, but still have questions, then Brian and I will be at the club from 7.30pm before the speaker if you want to bring along any prints/sit and talk through things with us.
  4. Tea Rota: Please please please sign up to help out with making the tea! Look, you lot are making me beg! If we all do one week then we only have to it once. The rota is on the BSCC notice board.
  5. David is selling a second-hand Canon 40d for £180. Let me know if you are interested and I can put you in contact.
  6. Brian and I have decided that a social club night out is needed and so we have picked Friday 18th October. Please put the date in your diary. It won’t be anything flash: more than likely chicken in a basket and a pint of cider sometime. What, where, when details to follow.
  7. Many of you will know that Brian and I run our own little informal photo of the month competition. We have secured a space in Photosound, where the winning image goes on show for the entire month. In order to be considered, you need to post a picture on the BSCC Flickr group before the end of the month. This month it’s my image! I know, I know: “FIX!”, but Brian convinced me. Here is my pic: Next month it could be you! Get posting..
  8. This is your last chance to get an image together for the ‘Pump Art’ for a new local beer. Stortford Sunset is an amber ale. Images should obviously be related to the name of the beer. There is a specific Flickr group where you can post your images, which will then be shown to the owner of the brewery

Finally, on to Tuesday night and we have a change to the advertised program. Unfortunately Kevin Herbert has had to cancel due to illness. Kevin & Margery Maskell have kindly stepped in and will be givingtheir lecture entitled ‘A Moment in Time’. You can see an example of their work here:

Right, I’m signing off so I can watch Downton. Hope to see you all on Tuesday.

Emma x

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Bank Holiday update 2013-08-25

Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson

Hi all. I hope you’ve enjoyed a nice weekend.

Yesterday, I went on a great photowalk in Brighton organised by Glyn Dewis, who is a photographer, retoucher and trainer and will be a speaker at our Club on November 12th. I learnt a lot from the group during the walkabout and although that was cut short by the rain, it struck me how beneficial the social in the bar afterwards was too. I met some very like minded people and picked up some great new contacts as well as a potential new member. It was fascinating how different people interpreted situations differently from a photographic perspective.

So, if you get chance to go on an event, such as the World Wide Photo Walk on the 5th October, or any other social, I would highly recommend it.

This is the last week of the summer programme and we are going to meet at Goose Lane, Wright’s Green (map attached) at 7:45pm on Tuesday to do some light trails over the motorway. You will need a tripod but if you haven’t got one still come along as there are always some spares floating about.

I have included a link for a great tutorial about light trails.

This week I will also give out copies of the new programme that Cathanne has produced, in advance of the new season starting next week . I am happy to start collecting subscriptions too, for anyone wanting to beat the rush on the first night back!

By the way, Sandy has sent a mail saying that Stansted Windmill is open this weekend (including tomorrow before you tell me I’m a bit late), so that may be a great photo opportunity.

So that’s it from me for a while as Emma is back next week.

See you on Tuesday.


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Town Calendar ready to print

A very satisfactory collaboration between the club and the Tourist Office to produce a 2014 calendar for and of the town. We provided nearly 90 images to select from, from members at all levels. The successful members who were included were:

  • Matthew Bickham
  • Nigel Otter
  • Mark Seton
  • Geoff Eldridge
  • David Woods
  • Andrew Macpherson

who will each recieve a copy, otherwise the initial print run is limited, so you may wish to get your orders in quickly.

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