Acronym Quiz Answers

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Closing date was 30th June 2012

  1. National Health Service
  2. Royal National Lifeboat Institution
  3. Through The Lens
  4. Royal United Services Institute
  5. Economic and Monetary Union
  6. Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Loop
  7. Road Traffic Accident
  8. National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
  9. Dead On Arrival
  10. Automatic Teller Machine
  11. Red Green Blue
  12. Rolling On the Floor Laughing
  13. Laughing Out Loud
  14. Pay As You Earn
  15. Value Added Tax
  16. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  17. Infra Red
  18. Ultra Violet
  19. London School of Economics
  20. National Insurance
  21. Body Mass Index
  22. Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs
  23. International Standards Organisation
  24. British Standards Institute
  25. North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
  26. European Free Trade Association
  27. London Symphony Orchestra
  28. There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
  29. Photographic Alliance of Great Britain
  30. Royal Photographic Society
  31. Bishops Stortford Camera Club
  32. Royal Yacht Association
  33. Transport For London
  34. Closed Circuit Tele Vision
  35. Charge Coupled Device
  36. Trades Union Congress
  37. Post Office Protocol
  38. Internet Message Access Protocol
  39. Virtual Private Network
  40. High Dynamic Range
  41. Cyan Magenta Yellow blacK
  42. As Soon As Possible
  43. Woman’s Institute
  44. Situation Normal, All Fouled Up
  45. Through The Lens This is a duplicate answer
  46. Single Lens Reflex
  47. Special Operations Executive
  48. Absent Without Official Leave
  49. Not In My Back Yard
  50. Member of the British Empire
  51. Queens Gallantry Medal
  52. British Broadcasting Corporation
  53. Confederation of British Industry
  54. United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation
  55. World Health Organisation
  56. Royal Auto Club
  57. British Forces Posted Overseas
  58. Digital Versatile Disk
  59. Crime Scene Investigation
  60. Navy Army Air Force Institution
  61. Poly Tetra Fluro Ethelene
  62. Regimental Sargent Major
  63. Parent Teacher Association
  64. Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service
  65. Revolutions Per Minute
  66. Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation
  67. National Farmers Union
  68. British Medical Association
  69. Young Men’s Christian Association
  70. What You See Is What You Get
  71. Hormone Replacement Therapy
  72. Centre European Recherché Nuclear
  73. Her Majesty’s Ship
  74. Grievous Bodily Harm
  75. Fouled Up Beyond All Repair
  76. Electro Plated Nickle Silver
  77. Liquid Petroleum Gas
  78. Royal Air Force
  79. Weapons of Mass Destruction
  80. North American Free Trade Association
  81. Sealed With A Loving Kiss
  82. Wives And Girlfriends
  83. Extra Sensory Perception
  84. Respondez S’il Vous Plait
  85. Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency
  86. Miles Per Gallon
  87. Dots Per Inch
  88. Hue Saturation Luminosity
  89. National Association of Photoshop Professionals
  90. Stop Stansted Expansion
  91. Site of Special Scientific Interest
  92. World Wildlife Fund
  93. Very Special Old Pale
  94. United Nations High Commission for Refugees
  95. Direct Memory Access
  96. Association of South East Asian Nations
  97. Mono Sodium Glutamate
  98. Greenwich Mean Time
  99. Council for the Protection of Rural England
  100. Global Positioning by Satellite

I hope you had fun trying to work out the answers,  we had some amazingly good results, and anyone scoring over 80 correct deserves a round of applause.  Thank you for supporting the Projector Fund

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