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Summer Programme 29th May 2012

This weeks practical was all about depth of field, shutter speed and resolving any queries members had on camera settings or flash settings.

We met again at The Three Horse Shoes and took over one quite corner of the bar area.

The practical exercises were provided by Andrew and included  a depth of field and shutter speed  exercise. Flash photography issues were also resolved for some members. A “Canon” member resolving a “Nikon” members flash queries. Cross fertilisation ! Watch out for new brand of camera “Can-Nik” !

The image below shows the equipment used to demonstrate the depth of field and the effect aperture has on this. This equipment being home made by Andrew.


We all had an interesting evening, both technically and socially.

Next week we meet at Hatfield Heath and go walk about on a photo walk why not join us. See the programme page for further details.

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