Oh-ho! Those summer sparks!

Sparks and LEDs

Another learning evening. Brian let loose his inner pyromaniac in a very careful and controlled manner that was absolutely fantastic. The meet was under a disused railway bridge from the age of steam, so an intrinsically spark-safe location.  Following on from last week’s light painting this was light painting 102, with spark trails.

The method involves wire wool, in a metal kitchen whisk, to keep it under control, on the end of a chain, so that it can be spun.

The steel wool is lit, and once going, spun.  Bits of the burning steel wool fly away tangentially, giving the spark trails, and a very bright centre ring, where the main mass of burning steel wool makes multiple passes.  the burns last for between 10 and 30 seconds, and I found about 5 seconds gave enough of a pattern to be interesting.

The spinner needs a hood or hat, and good shoes at the very least for protection in case a burning bit falls back on them.

Thank you Brian, we all learned a lot from you again!

Steel wool sparks

Next week a mutual help evening, getting to know your camera. Share how-to info with others who have the same style of camera.

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