Retrieving Lost or Stolen Electronic Equipment

Westcott who make lighting equipment just passed on a great tip from Michael Zhang writing on PetaPixel to create some dummy files on your memory card to spell out a message with the file names, and also to create a jpg file that you can load onto the card after it is formatted with your contact details, so that someone just scrolling through the pictures can easily see who owns the equipment. Follow the link above for the original article.

Here’s how it might look:

File listing with a message

On a related note please think about your phone:  it’s good practice to lock it when it’s in your pocket, both to prevent “pocket calls” (if your name begins with “A” you get lots) and to make it difficult for thieves to use.  This does mean that it’s pretty difficult to identify whose phone it is if it gets handed in though.  if you make a “screen saver” image with appropriate contact information (emergancy contact for if you are in an accident, normal contact etc) for the lock screen, you will be helping whoever it is handed to to get it back to you.  Remember to position the information so that it is not covered by the phone’s own unlock controls and messages

Example Screensaver File for my lock screen

Finally please remember to have an entry in your phone for “ICE” which is In Case of Emergency — someone who should be contacted if you are found unwell.

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