Bank Holiday update 2013-08-25

Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson

Hi all. I hope you’ve enjoyed a nice weekend.

Yesterday, I went on a great photowalk in Brighton organised by Glyn Dewis, who is a photographer, retoucher and trainer and will be a speaker at our Club on November 12th. I learnt a lot from the group during the walkabout and although that was cut short by the rain, it struck me how beneficial the social in the bar afterwards was too. I met some very like minded people and picked up some great new contacts as well as a potential new member. It was fascinating how different people interpreted situations differently from a photographic perspective.

So, if you get chance to go on an event, such as the World Wide Photo Walk on the 5th October, or any other social, I would highly recommend it.

This is the last week of the summer programme and we are going to meet at Goose Lane, Wright’s Green (map attached) at 7:45pm on Tuesday to do some light trails over the motorway. You will need a tripod but if you haven’t got one still come along as there are always some spares floating about.

I have included a link for a great tutorial about light trails.

This week I will also give out copies of the new programme that Cathanne has produced, in advance of the new season starting next week . I am happy to start collecting subscriptions too, for anyone wanting to beat the rush on the first night back!

By the way, Sandy has sent a mail saying that Stansted Windmill is open this weekend (including tomorrow before you tell me I’m a bit late), so that may be a great photo opportunity.

So that’s it from me for a while as Emma is back next week.

See you on Tuesday.


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