EAF APM assessment day

Andrew Macpherson

Andrew Macpherson

On Sunday the East Anglian Federation held an assessment day for the PAGB (Photographic Alliance of Great Britain) Awards for Photographic Merit.  The PAGB awards are like Degrees, in that once awarded you keep them, they are not a way for the awarding body to continue to extort annual membership fees

It was eye opening in many ways, from the photos which were considered to be outstanding which I would have deleted to the explanation of the scoring.  A particular point for some members is that this is an image competition, with no Natural History category, so editing to get a better image is completely ok.

When entering the website tells the aspirant that they must score 20/30, and being used to club assessments one expects a score out of 5 from each judge. This is not actually what happens. The assessors are asked the question “Would this do well in club competitions, be chosen to represent the club in inter club battles and be accepted for some exhibitions?” They then have a voting system mapped onto scores

Yes these criteria are met
No these criteria are not met
Very close these criteria are almost met
This image meets the criteria for the next level

Only the total score is announced, though we are told some images may get both 2 and 5 from different judges.

The other thing I noticed was the preference for darker images, and that the move away from a simulated cataract with white overlay wash has begun

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