Sunday Update 14-03-09

Hi All,

Hope you are all well and enjoyed the glorious day we have had today, felt Iike the sun would never arrive but it did indeed today. :@)

So not too much to tell you this week, the most important thing is this week at club. It’s the exhibition hand in night. For those of you who are still in the dark about this; In a nutshell, the exhibition is the end of year competition. You can enter the images you have submitted this season or use it as a teaser of next years Images. please use the club website to check out the rules/ask questions on the Facebook page or please give myself a ring. There are plenty of lovely shiny trophies up for grabs.

Next up this Saturday is the fundraising quiz night. If you could bring payment on Tuesday it would help me a lot as I can a) pay for the hire of hall, bar staff, food etc b) I won’t have to have too much cash on me on Saturday night. We need raffle prizes for the evening too, so if you have a prize -even if you are not coming on Saturday- please bring it on the night or hand it to me Tuesday.

I have chased up the sweatshirts order which shoud have arrived this week and they have assured me they will be posted out to me this week.

Even though the season is flying past there are still plenty of good evenings coming up in the programme. And still competitions to enter.

Hope to see lots of you there on Tuesday handing in your exhibition entries.

Emma x

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