The following is taken from the EAF website:

The aim of the East Anglia Federation (EAF) Exhibition is to display the photographs which the appointed panel of selectors consider to be the best in a wide variety of categories and styles from individual photographers in the federation, all of whom have an equal chance to participate…

…It is emphasised that the exhibition is not an inter-club event; every submitting photographer is an individual entrant. The entries are not judged in club piles, but are presented to the selectors in random order.

…Any member of an affiliated Club is entitled to enter a maximum of 4 Monochrome prints, 4 Colour prints, and 4 Projected Images.

Entries for the East Anglia Federation exhibition are made by individual members but submitted via the Club.

Print entries: 3 monochrome per author and / or 3 colour per author.

Digital Images entries: 4 per author.

Technical details for this competition/exhibition can be found on the EAF Web Site regarding Mount sizes, Digital Image Sizes and Rules.