Colour Theme PDI 2021

With the BSCC currently meeting via Zoom, this seasons Colour prints have switched to a PDI themed competition.

This is a 3 round competition with authors entering 1 image per round. 

Results are shown for top 5

Final ResultsAuthorScore
1stSophia Spurgin58
2ndClaire Norman57
3rdDiane Le Count56
4thTony Perryman55
5thColin Brister53

Round 1 – RedAuthorScore
1stTony Perryman20
1stSally Freeman20
1stClaire Norman20
1stColin Brister20
1stNeil Adkins20
2ndDiane Le Count19
2ndSophia Spurgin19
Round 2 – Curves & LinesAuthorScore
1stMark Seton20
2ndSophia Spurgin19
2ndNick Ambrose19
3rdClaire Norman18
3rdHellie Melhuish18
3rdDiane Le Count18
3rdCarol Green18
3rdNeil Adkins18
Round 3 – CreativeAuthorScore
1stSophia Spurgin20
2ndTony Perryman19
2ndClaire Norman19
2ndDiane Le Count19
3rdMark Seton18