Monochrome Print Competition

Best Print OverallMark SetonIt’s Grim Up North
Best Three Prints
from the same author
David WoodsSummer Palace
Abu Dhabi, Back Street
Lonely Tree
Best Open PrintMark SetonIt’s Grim Up North
Best Portrait PrintAndrew MacphersonThe Spymaster
Best Record PrintDavid WoodsTay Rail Bridge
Certificates of MeritJean PlattFrozen Fountain at Leeds Castle
David WoodsSummer Palace
Lonely Tree
Andrew MacphersonEastern Promise
Cliff HoyThai Guide

Colour Print Competition

Best Print OverallAndrew MacphersonMagdalene Street, Cambridge
Best Three Prints
from the same Author
Andrew MacphersonEly Cathedral
Magdalene Street, Cambridge
Historic Rooftops, Bishop’s Stortford
Best Open PrintAndrew MacphersonMagdalene Street, Cambridge
Best Portrait PrintCliff HoyVictoria
Best Record PrintAndrew MacphersonEly Cathedral
Best Natural HistoryIan PowellSand Diver, Synodus Intermedius
Certificates of MeritAndrew MacphersonCave Painting, Davaar Island
David WoodsPulpit Ely
Barbara EgertonStorm Brewing
Kevin ScottFulmar
Cliff HoySledging
Highly CommendedIan PowellPeacock Flounder, Bothus Mancus
Robert MillarThe Reflection of Colours
Mark SetonThe Birling Carrs, Northumberland
…and the rain fell

Projected Digital Competition

Best Image OverallBarbara EgertonDingle Bay
Best Three Images
from the same Author
Brian JohnsonSelf Portrait
O2 by Night
Best Open ImageBarbara EgertonDingle Bay
Best Portrait ImageBrian JohnsonSelf Portrait
Best Record ImageJanet BadcockAll Sewn Up
Best Natural HistoryIan PowellLoggerhead Turtle, Caretta Caretta
Certificates of MeritDavid WoodsReflection
Ian PowellThe Bulldog Breed
Caroline GrannycomeParalympic Marathon
Emma EvansThe Guard
Geoff EldridgeThe Locoman
John HosfordDrummer Boy
Ian PowellGraffiti on the Berlin Wall
Kevin ScottLioness and Cub
Certificates for Best 3Ian Powell
Barbara Egerton
Highly CommendedDavid WoodsBlack Linne Waterfall
View from Lundie Crags nr. Dundee
Ian PowellFlying Crown
Mark SetonJohn Webb Windmill
Pointy or Curved
Kevin ScottArctic Tern with Sand Eel
Sandwich Tern with Sand Ee
Stephanie StephensonPeacock Butterfly, Inachis Io
Paul LambertPoppy
Certificate for Best 3David Woods
Kevin Scott

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