Continuous Competition

These competitions run throughout the season and are based on a accumulated score system.

Points are awarded for each round and the winner is the person at the top of the table at the end of the year. There are three leagues:

Monochrome Prints

Members can enter a maximum of 6 prints over 3 rounds (2 per round).

Colour Prints

Members can enter a maximum of 6 prints over 3 rounds (2 per round).

Digital Projected Images

Members can enter a maximum of 8 images, over four rounds (2 per round).

Rules for the above three competitions can be found by clicking here.

One-off Competitions

These competitions take place on one evening, so the winner takes all!

Photo Task

This competition is held annually and is a stand-alone competition. Each entrant must submit 4 digital images. Each image must be of a different subject, selected from the list of 8 subjects announced by the committee. The committee will have made the list at or before the A.G.M. of the preceding year.

Pictures entered in the Photo Task must not pre-date the previous year’s A.G.M.

Please see the Photo Task page for this years categories, and click here for the rules for this competition.

The Peter Chastney Theme Competition

This competition is held annually and is a stand-alone competition. Each entrant must submit 5 print images mounted on a 500 x 400cm board. Each image should be related to each other in some way forming a coherent panel. The competition is judged on the night by fellow members with the winner being announced on the night.  Please see the Peter Chastney page for further details.

It’s a Knockout

This competition is held on an ad-hoc basis and is a stand-alone competition. This is a PDI competition. Each entrant must submit 2 PDI images (the usual PDI image rules apply). During the competition 2 images are drawn at random and compete directly against one another. The winning entry progresses to the next round and competes against another randomly selected image until only 1 image – the winner- remains. Judging is carried out by the attending audience and the winner is crowned on the night.

The Exhibition

To celebrate the season’s work we hold a special one-off competition. This is the chance for members to win trophies for individual images.

The winners of these contests will not only get a trophy, but their images will be displayed at the Club’s public exhibition in the following season.

Members can enter 6 Colour Prints, 6 Mono Prints and 6 Digitally Projected Images which must be entered in one of the following classes:

A = Open: Any Print or Image which is not a Portrait, Record or Natural History / Nature subject as defined below. Landscapes, Figure Studies and Reportage are included in this section.

B = Portrait: An image of a person, whether face only or full length.

C = Record: Images depicting an object, building or place, in which accuracy of presentation is a primary object; including technical, illustrative, architectural, anthropological or archaeological.

D = Natural History / Nature: Any representation of Plant, Insect, Bird or any Animal in which accuracy of presentation is the primary object.

In addition to the cups and trophies, the judge will be invited to award a limited number of Certificates of Merit and Highly Commended awards to the runners up of the cups and trophies, which in his/her opinion are of sufficient merit. The Certificate of Merit will be the higher of the two awards.

For full details and rules click here.

External Competitions

EAF Exhibition:

The following is taken from the EAF website:

The aim of the EAF Exhibition is to display the photographs which the appointed panel of selectors consider to be the best in a wide variety of categories and styles from individual photographers in the federation, all of whom have an equal chance to participate…

…It is emphasised that the exhibition is not an inter-club event; every submitting photographer is an individual entrant. The entries are not judged in club piles, but are presented to the selectors in random order.

…Any member of an affiliated Club is entitled to enter a maximum of 4 Monochrome prints, 4 Colour prints, and 4 Projected Images.